Track Record 

Michael has been designing for over 20 years.  During those years a lot has changed for both graphic and web design. The greatest change is how easy it has become to own and manage your own site without having to have a site administrator, architect or webmaster on your payroll.  You now have the ability to update and add content whenever you want instantly without having to know a single line of code.

Almost every client Michael has the privilege of designing for asks for 1 thing... "ease of use".  It's because with their new site they want to be in control, they want to save money by not having to hire someone to implement updates and changes for them.

So that's exactly what we offer!

Our Most Recent Sites

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The Platform

After over a decade of trial and error with all kinds of platforms that are supposed to be user friendly, Michael has narrowed it down to what he feels is the best.  

The platform we custom design your site on is Squarespace.  They have been around for over 10 years and have received multiple awards.  Just this year alone Squarespace has been nominated for a Webby Award in not one, but four categories. Webby Awards are given by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

The benefits of using Squarespace to host your site are too many to tell here so we'll save that for our first communication together... let's put it this way .... with Squarespace, you can do just about anything you want. 


How It Works

The Consultation 

We would love to talk to you about how we can creatively bring your vision to life on computers and mobile devices everywhere.  At the end of this page there will be a contact form for you to fill out... drop us a line and we'll set up a phone call.  It's that simple.


For almost 20 years we've been designing digitally in one form or another.  Creatively helping you make your vision as bold and clean as it needs to be is what we do.  Not only do we design the site but we help you with the creative process. A lot of times our client's sites will include several features that they didn't even know were possible or that they just never thought of ... and they love it.   From graphic, web, logo design and photography... we've got you covered.  

The Cost

Every website along with it's owner is uniquely different.  We like that.  Therefore we cannot give an exact cost for your site until we talk.  A monthly or yearly fee plan to Squarespace will be required.  This includes providing the platform and 24/7 support for your site.  After our initial conversation we will put together a price for you that suits your needs. 



Want a site? We'd love to meet you.


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