The Litra Torch is one of the coolest, most useful little gadgets I've used in recent years.  Everything about it and this company screams excellence and I am so happy to be a part of their team!  Check these little but powerful Litra Torches out and grab you some!

If it wasn’t so corny I’d call the LitraTorch a pocket full of sunshine. Instead I’ll call it the future of portable constant lighting for videographers and photographers. On one hand the LitraTorch is really nothing more than a heavy-duty rechargeable battery with eight powerful LEDs built in, a virtually unbreakable form factor and a slug of neat accessories. Upon more thorough examination it becomes a superbly engineered and beautifully crafted lighting system.




If you are a photographer that edits in Lightroom, you will want to check this out!  


Loupedeck is a photo editing console for Adobe Lightroom. It lets you be more creative. It makes your editing faster. It means you can focus more on your photos. Yes, there are other devices out there that imitate what Loupedeck can do but nothing compares to the design and functionality for Adobe Lightroom and the attention to detail and ease of use.

Straight out of the box it worked flawlessly, within less than 5 mins from the time I opened the box I was editing with minimal configuration and reading zero instructions.

Get confident. Get creative. Experimenting with new editing techniques is easy. Adjustments are quick and simple. Meaning you can spend more time on what’s important - getting your photo just the way you want it. Improved ergonomics enable you to edit hundreds of photos without breaking your flow. Forget about constantly looking down at your mouse or keyboard. Loupedeck lets your eyes stay on the image and your hands on the console – giving you total focus on your photo. Each of Loupedeck’s buttons, dials and sliders correspond exactly to Lightroom’s interface. Pro or beginner, achieving the perfect edit quickly becomes second nature. Put the fun back into photo editing.