Michael is an international, award-winning nature photographer based on O`ahu, Hawai`i.  Specializing in underwater, animal, and landscape photography, Michael makes great efforts to capture and share moments most never get to experience. Completely self-taught, it wasn’t until he moved to Hawai`i in 2010 that he found his passion for shooting underwater.  Cetaceans and Sea Turtles are among his favorites to capture, however, as long as it’s near the sea, he’s happy. Michael’s work has garnered multiple awards, contest wins, and recognition and has been featured internationally by: The Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic, Wyland Foundation, Hawaiian Airlines, Huffington Post, PADI, Kenko-Tokina, Knekt USA, Viewbug, Keiko Conservation, Hawaii News Now, Empty the Tanks Hawaii, Animal Rights Hawaii, Surfing The Nations + many more. 

"From the most intricate flower to the indescribable beauty of our galaxy shining in the night sky, unique beauty is a part of all creation. For some reason I’ve been given the amazing privilege of being able to capture and present it in a way that speaks to people and says, “I am a part of something much bigger than myself ”.

 - Through photography I am able share my perspective of the world and it's beauty. It brings me great joy to share that with you! It's my hope and prayer that one of my images would help bring a sense of peace and inspiration into your life. - Michael            

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