Spigot of Love

God does not have His hand on a spigot of love. He doesn't turn it on and off based on your performance or how much you do for Him. There are no requirements or hoops to jump through to get His full love and attention. He loves you more than anyone ever could or ever will.

Performance and obligatory based Christianity is the number one destroyer of a free and full life in Christ.

If you are at a place where you feel you "have" to serve, volunteer, or give financially to an institution to garner God's pleasure and affection ... run for your life! Our Father is not someone who uses guilt trips and obligation to get his children to do things for Him.  What kind of father does that?  A sick and twisted one. No, our Father just wants to love on us and for us to be by His side so He can walk with us and encourage us to do what's in our hearts.

If you have been feeling a nudge on the inside of you to do something meaningful, something that could change someone's life... talk to Father about it.  He will gently guide you and give you the go ahead or the stop sign.  You don't have to gain the permission of an organization, a religious institution, church, or spiritual leader to be Jesus's representation on this earth.  

If you are a part of a religious institution that wants to control you and make you submit to them before you go out and fulfill those things Father has placed in your heart, run!  

I was a part of one of these institutions for a long time. I actually had the "pastor" tell me I couldn't go help out another brother, a very close friend of mine with his ministry in my free time.  If I did, I would receive a reprimand and could even be fired if caught helping another ministry with a need.  I asked, what about on my days off and in my free time and the "pastor" told me no! I would be considered a traitor in his eyes. This was the same "church" that put on multiple yearly events and conferences that were branded as "motivating, training, and encouraging" local churches.  Really?  More like they just wanted to have all the local churches come so they could show off how amazing they thought they were and how awesome their facility and systems were.  Nowhere was there an actual focus on building the local church through relationships and partnering together to make an impact on a city.  They just wanted to put on a show, see how many people they could pack into the room for 2-3 days and see how many "celebrity pastors" they could get on the stage to show all the "little churches" how important and cool they were. On a side note ... this organization actually made their volunteers PAY to serve at these events! Oh the Hubris!  Most of these awesome volunteers or "servants" as the organization called them, actually took time off of work to volunteer and they made them PAY because they were "privileged" to get to be there.  

These same "pastors" told the entire staff that if we weren't 100% "with them" (meaning we were to fall in line and never question them or their motives), we were against them and we needed to leave. They'd say over and over again, "it's an incredible privilege for you to be here and serve us" (and do whatever we say without question or conversation).  With militaristic ideology in staff meetings, to a disgustingly cocky attitude towards other ministries and "churches", the soul-crushing machine continues to plow through people like heavy machinery cutting down a beautiful rainforest and destroying the endangered inhabitants. Anyone that wasn't 100% loyal in helping to build their kingdom was considered an enemy needed to either get on board with the plan or be ostracized!  I saw this happen several times while I was on staff to great people and most recently it happened to a couple that were true change agents and genuinely cared about people more than the ministry.  They were a threat and needed to be taken out.  And they were.

the soul-crushing machine continues to plow through people like heavy machinery cutting down a beautiful rainforest and destroying the endangered inhabitants

You see, these kinds of institutions haven't a modicum of our Father's true heart.  He's not stingy with His gifts, He doesn't think one group or institution is better than any other, and He most definitely does not have a mind towards us that's likened to a dictator that can never be questioned.  He wants to discuss things with us, He wants us to wonder, and dream.  He loves it when we are passionate and creative and He wants us to come up with better ways to approach things and to shine a light on systems that aren't like Him so that others that are stuck can find their way out.

Father doesn't want you to feel obligated to serve Him.  He wants you to experience the freedom that only comes from letting you spread your wings. Could you fly away from Him?  Yes, but that's why He is so loving.  Like the prodigal dad, He's always waiting with open arms and a smiling face to greet us, no matter where we are or if we've gone away, where we are returning from.  He knows that if He has a real relationship with you, the good deeds, ministry, and sin eradication in your life will happen naturally as a byproduct of that relationship, not through guilt or obligation.

If you are caught in a system that doesn't look anything like the Jesus you've read about, doesn't act like Him, treat people the way He did and doesn't show love without obligation and guilt, run!  Jesus never ran things in a militaristic manner nor did He act like a cut-throat CEO of a company when he was around his followers. He spent time with them, caring deeply about their personal lives, and wanted His relationship with them and their relationship with each other to be paramount.

If you are caught in a system that doesn’t look anything like the Jesus you’ve read about, doesn’t act like Him, treat people the way He did and doesn’t show love without obligation and guilt, run!

Walk under His spigot of love, the one that never turns off, and get drenched!