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CreationScape Raises Money for Local Charity

On the evening of May 2nd, I made my way into the artsy community of Kakaako in Honolulu to participate as a guest artist at a charity event.  I was completely floored and honored to be asked to help raise funds for Project Focus Hawaii.  ProjectFocus Hawai’i, Inc. is a nonprofit organization established in 2005 as a means of giving at-risk children a healing voice through the medium of photography. At ProjectFocus, photography is used to teach at-risk children to express and gain perspective on their experiences. The program strives to enhance self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-reflection, all critical components in fostering the resilience necessary to make a fulfilling life from challenging ingredients.

Here is an interview with the founder about the event:

They approached me to donate some of my prints for a silent auction during the event.  I donated 4 high definition aluminum prints and to my delight, my prints brought the most money in for the charity out of all the other artists! What??  That seems so unreal... I was completely humbled to hear it! Not only that but one of my pieces brought in the highest bid for one piece!  

 I was also completely taken aback when I saw the other artists my work was hanging next to.  Some of the best photographers I know of donated and I got to be counted amongst them. WOW!  Some of the other artists included my friend Alisa Greig ( alisagreig.com ), and two guys who I have admired for their artistry and aspired to be like... Jay Greiner ( Jay's Instagram Feed ) ... and Clark Little ( clarklittlephotography.com ).  Again, to be on the same wall as these guys means the world to me and I count it a complete honor.

Now for the most amazing part of the whole evening... getting to meet the wonderful people who bid on and won my pieces!  A highlight of the evening was to learn that the co-founder of the organization, Laurie ( Laurie's bio ), won my piece "Laying Low".  I was thrilled that she loved my work and just had to have it :) Here are the wonderful ladies that walked away with my prints:

All in all it was a wonderful evening celebrating amazing people who make a huge difference in children's lives every day and I'm so glad myself and CreationScape got to be a part of it! 

If you would like to purchase any of these 4 prints from the auction, they are available now at the brand new Creationscape.com online store and gallery!  They are available on professional photographic paper prints, canvas, and these beautiful and light-weight high definition aluminum prints!  What's great about the aluminum is that they are completely waterproof, UV proof, and scratch resistant ... not to mention the colors really pop on these beauties and they are light-weight and easy to hang!